Jammu Kashmir Study Centre undertakes various activities with the following OBJECTIVES: -

Disseminate authentic information about Jammu Kashmir.

Dispel the misinformation and lack of information about Jammu and Kashmir.

Facilitate programmes and projects aimed at integrating the state of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India.

Assist research scholars in undertaking in-depth and well-researched study on various aspects related to Jammu & Kashmir including socio-political, economic, legal-constitutional, historical, cultural, national security etc.

Lobby to promote pro-people policies and legislations.

Attempt to correct the wrong perceptions and policies pertaining to Jammu & Kashmir.


The thrust areas of JKSC are:-

National Security & Strategic issues

Legal-Constitutional Issues like Article 370 and Article 35A

Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK) & China-occupied Jammu Kashmir (CoJK)

Real victims in Jammu & Kashmir and their rehabilitation

State of Governance & Economic Development of Jammu & Kashmir